The Council of Higher Education Caving Clubs

CHECC was formed during the UK’s first university caving club forum in 2002, it’s founders were Chris Jewell and Joel Corrigan. CHECC is now an established organisation setup to protect the interests of student caving. We encourage clubs which are having trouble with their unions or just starting out to get in touch for advice and support. As a body of experienced and student/former student cavers, with ties to the BCA and other caving organisations, we are able to offer official representation for your club on a national level. For more general caving related advice feel free to get touch about this too or refer to our caving Wiki.

Our broader aims are to strengthen communication and collaboration between different caving groups, creating new opportunities for caving and exploration. We facilitate this through 3 main annual events the CHECC forum and two smaller regional events: NCHECC and SCHECC. Through these events, we organise peer to peer training in order for you to hone your skills or learn something new and not to mention the best student caving party of the year. CHECC also owns a Disto which we can lend to clubs for surveying projects or expeditions.

CHECC has recently also released a set of caving guidelines for running a student caving club.