Southern CHECC.

Southern CHECC takes place on the 29th-31st of March at the SWCC hut in Wales.

The address is:
1-10 Powell Street

If you are the first to arrive, please contact someone from the list of local key holders on the SWCC website. There should be people at the hut from mid-afternoon onwards, so I would recommend not arriving before 6pm.

Upon arrival, please sign in with Christopher Holt.

The bunk allocations are as follows: – tbc

Rooms Beds Clubs
AA (4 beds) –
BB (6 beds) –
DD (6 beds) –
FF (6 beds) –
GG (9 beds) –
HH (6 beds) –
II (9 beds) –
JJ (6 beds) –
V (9 beds) –

You can find the hut plan here:

Upon leaving, please make sure your allocated bunk is in an excellent state, along with the rest of the hut!


Breakfast will be served from around 08.30am. If you have signed up to a training course, please please endeavour to turn up.

All workshops start at 10 am at the SWCC hut!

– This will be kindly run by the South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team.
– Where? SWCC Rescue Store.
– Start time: 10:00am Saturday
– This will cover rescue techniques, mostly horizontal, with some first aid and other usefuls.
– The morning will likely be theory with a rescue practice in OFD in the afternoon.
– There will be a break for lunch whilst still at SWCC.
– Space for 20 attendees.

– This will be kindly run by Stuart Gardiner.
– Where? Meet at SWCC Long Common Room.
– Start time: 10:00am Saturday
– You are encouraged to bring your own equipment to train on.
– The underground location will likely be OFD Top Entrance into OFD2.
– There are 5 spaces available for the underground session but the morning theory session can be attended by many more.

– These are kindly being run by Andrew McLeod et al.
– Where? SWCC Party Quarry.
– Start time: 10:00am Saturday & Sunday
– Bring any SRT kit you or your club have for you to use.
– There are 10 spaces on this workshop per day.

– This workshop is currently seeking a trainer. If you can help, please get in touch!
– Where? Meet at SWCC Small Common Room.
– Start time: 10:00am Sunday
– The session will include the basics of cave surveying, both electronic and manual.
– There are spaces for around 10 people on this workshop. Equipment can be shared and the workshop can be done in groups.
– You are encouraged to bring your own survey kit or borrow from your club. CHECC will have limited survey equipment to lend out for the workshop.

– It would be useful if you could bring or steal an android device and/or a DistoX.   If you have an android device, please PRE-INSTALL the free app “SexyTopo” from the Google Play Store (just search for “SexyTopo”). Signal is crap at SWCC, so don’t expect to do it there.


Please get in touch with Josh Bratchley if you would like to reserve a place on a training course.

After dinner, we will have all the usual games, with a chance to win some chocolatey goods!

Looking forward to seeing you all there for another great CHECC event!