CHECC Competitions and Prizes 2019

Your club over the last year?

Write a short piece about what your club has been up to over the last year. Tell us everything from fresher trips, expeditions and holidays, interesting or unique trips, and any difficulties you’ve had that the BCA or CHECC could help with. Prize £75 cash prize – Sponsored by BCA.

Photography Competition

Show us your best snaps from the last year! From the funny to serious, we want to see them all! What’s the worse that could happen, you could win an AV Waist bag. Sponsor – AV.

Why does your club deserve 200m of new rope?

Is your club currently struggling for rope? Tell us how you would use 200m of new rope over the next year – Sponsored by UK caving.

How would you spend £75 to help your club?

Write a proposal on how you would spend £75 to help your club. Does someone need a Midas test or have you got any particularly worn oversuits that need replacing? The winner will then get the money to help put it into action!

Squeeze Machine Winner

Prize: Shiny new SRT Bag – Sponsored by Warmbac. There will be a mystery prize for the caver who makes the best effort!

Caving Article Fit For National Geographic

Write an article suitable for publication in National Geographic (there have been quite a few articles on caving recently if you need any inspiration). Articles concerning any aspect of speleology are allowed! The inclusion of photos, drawings, and anecdotes are encouraged! Prize is a 1 year subscription to the magazine.

Photography Workshop

Stu Gardiner has kindly offered his time once again in running CHECC’s Cave Photography Workshop. Budding cave photographers can work with Stu over the Saturday to learn and refine their photography skills and apply them underground. The best photo from the workshop will be chosen on Sunday! Prize for the winner is a Fenix HL55 (thanks Fenix!)

Best Fresher’s Trip Report

So you’ve just started your university adventure and you decide to join the caving club? Good choice, welcome on behalf of CHECC! Would you like to win yourself your first bit of caving kit? Well, tell us about one of your trips underground to be in with a chance of winning yourself a shiny new helmet! Plus, you get to pick the size and the colour. Prize: Boreo Helmet. Sponsored by Petzl.

BEC advertisement

Write a letting agent style advertisement for the Belfry..! Be kind guys.

Video Competition

The most anticipated competition of the year, post your entries via an embedded link to – Prize is a wooky hole book and we’ll find something else soon as well.