A general caving club handover document:

This section of the website will provide a Wikipedia style how to run a student caving club guide. This page is aimed at keen cavers who are just starting out, new committees who want to find answers to questions like how do I book permits, what caving huts are out there, how do I know how much food to buy for a weekend and people who are just trying to find useful caving related information.

The aim here is not to write a comprehensive guide, but to point people in the right direction for more information on certain topics in the form of links to other websites and downloadable content for people to

This is work in progress but if you fancy collaborating/offering advice particularly if you know of useful websites I can provide links to then drop me a line at blhall195@gmail.com

Initial ideas:

General advice about running a club – refer to Rostams guide

Huts – map and table of with links to each hut website booking page in the description

Permits and keys, information on how to gain access to peak cavern, and different caves in south wales.

Rigging guides and Descriptions – CNCC rigging guides for the dales, guides for Peak cavern too – redraw to avoid copyright issues, proofread nats copy of rigging without tears.

Guide books – talk about, not for the faint hearted, northern caves ask about south wales caves


Committee positions

Treasurer – talk about role, find handover documents from clubs.

President – talk about role, find handover documents from clubs.

Running a club

Other general stuff

Where to buy kit

UK caving

New to caving

Caving sub-interests

digging/finding new caves – dye tracing




General notes

Insert page jumps – for the main text, but have dedicated pages for some things like a map of caving huts ect.